čtvrtek 4. června 2009


Tady je moje finální proslov na english. Samozřejmě v angličtině :)). Neříkám, že nějaká chyba se tam neobjeví :)) Já sem s mojí speech opravdu spokojená!! Tak příjemné počteníčko.
P.S. Ještě chci poděkovat za všechny reakce na můj poslední článek, strááášně mě to potěšilo!! Děkuju vám!
Each of my years during the elementary and high school has been typical for something „special“. The longest and the shortest one was my exchange year in the US. It is also the most exceptional. I want to write about it, but first off let’s see what I come out from my mind when I think back. Before I start I want to tell that in the Czech Republic we have different system of schools, we have the same class for every subject. And the high school begins at the tenth grade. First grade. I lived in Prague and I still remember these steps to the school with my boxy backpack. Learning of alphabet, coloring book for the homeland study, counting one plus one... yes, that’s my sweet first grade. I was so disappointed when I have got my first „B“as a grade! I felt like I have an „F“. Second grade. I found my first best friend and we have had so much fun together. We were going to the playgrounds and I loved it. With other girls in the class we were exchanging our stickers and each of us owned an album. I have it somewhere in my room and sometimes I look at it and just can’t believe it! Oh yeah and that year the math became harder a bit. We started multiplying.Third grade was very good. I have so many friends and I didn’t want to go to the cafeteria for the lunches and my mum was fed up to me when she got to know it. I believe it was kind of frustrating because she paid for it and I didn’t eat it. In the beginning of the fourth grade I experienced big challenge. We moved to the small town 30 minutes from Prague. I changed the school and I didn’t like it. I came to my first class 10 minutes afterwards. I lost my best friend, but I made my new friends pretty fast. I began to dance in the dance school and to play tennis.Fifth grade. I had different class again, but in the same school. My teacher with very thick glasses was saying that she sees everything and her eyes are everywhere. We called her a frog. I was using a cheat sheets and my notes during tests and I have never studied during this year. The best’s years were since the sixth grade. I had a new class. Again. It was a class with coverage to math and natural science. I still see when I came to the class and I stand and was thinking where I should sit. Then one girl entered to the class and I asked her if she want to sit with me. She agreed and it was the beginning of our friendship. We sit to one school desk and when I faced round I saw the guy. I was just fascinated by him! Our teacher was old men and he was lisping. It made me and my friend so laughing. He couldn’t pronounced „r“, „ř“, „š“, „l“ and I don’t know what else. Well, it is still seems very mysterious and strange to me that I was in class with a coverage to math and science, because I always hated it and what is worse – I wasn’t good at it. Seventh grade I had many problems with math and science. I almost failed from the math. So my mum decided that I am supposed to go for tutorage to my grandpa. He is very smart and the math is his passion. I just sustained! Once I took my best friend to him and he teached both of us. He didn’t know the purpose. We were making a gag. We had so much fun times together! When I slept in her house, we went to the downtown at the midnight dressed in the black clock, with cigarettes and the bottle of Vodka. In the summer we went with her father to a small vacation in the South Czech Republic. It was for one week and it was planned that we are going to make a bicycle trips. We did it just once, other days we were just bat around and made our own trips. We were teasing each other and borrowing the clothes. Also we had the first crushes. I also got lower grade in the manners. We have the grades from the manners in the Czech Republic.Eight grade happened in the same spirit. We were going together to the guitar hobby group. I will never forget our funny whiles. We were skipping the school and going where ever we wanted. I loved my class and the chemistry experiments of our teacher. He was crank a bit. Ninth grade. If I might, I would delete it from my life. I hazarded with myself, but I don’t want to tell more. But it happened so it could be here remarked. Since the tenth grade I started to go to the high schools. I didn’t want to go to the school in the vile where we lived so I went to Prague where I wanted to go anyway. I chose the economic high school. I found new friends and I also began with the dance formal school. It is not mandatory in the Czech Republic, but it is something very nice and it makes you unforgettable memories. I loved it and I started to dance competitive Latino and standard dances. ***In the beginning of the eleventh grade I have got an idea to go to America for the exchange year. And I started the application process. It was the biggest part of this grade; I was so excited for that! It was something new for me. Twelfth grade I experienced in the US. I hear from many people sentences like Oh you were so courageous when you decided to do it and other ones. Actually, I was thinking about it just like I will be far away, I will have a freedom and getting to know the foreign culture. Things like homesickness and difficulties with adapting to the foreign culture weren’t in my mind. I realized the reality for the first when the airplane touched the American land. Now, the exchange year is almost over and I start to recapitulate it. Before one year I had only fuzzy and indefinite apprehension about the US. At the present time I feel comfortable over here. And I recognized what actually means the word „exchange year. “ It is about learning. It is learning about yourself and by yourself. You are deciding by yourself what you’re going to do and you stand just on yourself. What is important and good for you or not – it depends just on you. You make a mistake and there is no way to go back. You are thinking about your family at home and you find them as important as you have never imagined. Yes, the part of my family is coming to America this Friday. It is hard to believe it that I am going to see them after almost one year. I am happy to see them, but I will miss my life in America. It is simultaneously sad and happy what’s going on now. An exchanging is learning about the life – in short. Everything depends on you at that time and you change your personality thru the year a bit. I am thinking to come back here for the college. It has for me so many why no and why yes. But it is another unusual opportunity for me that it is hard to resist it! I want things in my life to keep moving and still exploring new and new things to me and take risks. My exchange year already changed my life and my future. I heard one nice thing. Before I write it, just a small attention: don’t think about those colors what I chose, it is random. So: People in the Czech Republic see the world in yellow glasses. People in America wear blue glasses. And you, after the exchange year, looking to the world in green glasses. I absolutely agree with this statement!OK, so what to say in the end? I am happy that I had an opportunity to have this experience. Thank you to my family what means for me a lot and I realized how much they are important in my life. My thank you is to my host family which made my year as well it has been and helped me a lot. It wouldn’t be the same without them. My thanks are to everybody who I met in the US. I consider my past school years in the elementary and high schools as very special ones and I am looking forward for my future!!

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Nádherný speech!!

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Pefektní!!! ;)

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je to pěkný, všemu jsem sice nerozuměla....:-)

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